Connexxion Bus 133, March 9 2016
15:55 Transferium Renesse
16:39 Koestraat Middelburg

"So you don't get lost in the neighbourhood"

During one hour bus 133 becomes the temporary dependance of Vleeshal Middelburg.

On the night of August 12, 1983 Christian's father began a pursuit on the Zeeland-bridge from Schouwen-Duiveland to South Beveland. When passing the tollbooth he had lost the ambulance with his wife and unborn son. Like a pack of wolves hunting behind a sled, he drove his car between heaven and earth over the long bridge with the 52 pillars and caught up upon them meter by meter just before reaching Goes, where the doctors were waiting outside the hospital staring at the stars.

Christian was rushed from a campsite in Renesse to Goes where he was born two month's to early. Together with Onno Dirker he tells the perpetual story about his birth. In 4 actes (the expectation, the advent, circular movement, the return) they will pass through changes in time, in landscape, environment and mentality. The different narratives of Christian's father and mother form the basis of his memory. "All in all it's like a dream I have read in a book." "Was the color of the car red or black."

On a long strip (15 m) of paper they painted the Zeeland-bridge. This artwork is sold per cm. The installation includes a table, cutting-board, knife and wrapping-paper. The price is € 2, - per cm. The recommended length is 52 cm. (table: 50 cm x 120 cm)

Red/Black. Campsite Julianahoeve in the 80s

in Bus 133

Abstract of a dialogue in Act 4:
During the day Christian's father wandered around in the neighbourhoud, not knowing what to do. With his wife and child in the hospital, he feared the emptiness of the days. The surrounding roads of Wemeldinge resemble these feelings.

Christian - Zouteweg

Onno - Langeweg
Onno - Bredeweg
Onno - Vlakeweg
Onno - Dwarsweg
Onno - Zandweg
Onno - Meestoofweg

Christian - Aardebolleweg

Onno - Eeweg

Christian - Leuterwegje

Onno - Zoekweg

Christian - Vroegrijk

Onno - Bijsterweg

Christian - Ruisweg

Christian - Aangekomen bij de tent. Alleen.
Het was aardedonker.

Onno - Batterijweg
Onno - Lampewegje
Christian - Kaarsweg

Onno - Waardweg

Christian - Blauwhuisweg

Onno - Broeder en Zusterpolderweg
Christian - Egbert Petruspolderweg
Onno - Pietweg
Christian - Danielsweg
Onno - Jan Taksweg
Christian - Baas Huisweg
Onno - MaartenBroersweg
Christian - Franseweg
Onno - Jonker Fransweg
Christian - Vrouwenweg

Homemade cookies for the bus driver.

The Zeeland Bridge