Mascletà Scheveningen: a salute to the Zuiderstrand - 00:14:34

A salute to the Zuiderstrand; a ceremonial performance to get rid of the evil spirits.

Opening of the new theatre located near the dunes during the 10th Todaysart Festival.

The composition for the opening, which was created by Onno Dirker specifically for Scheveningen, is named 'Mascletà Scheveningen: a salute to the Zuiderstrand’. The show consists of the complete original 'retenciones' and closes with the 'terremoto final’. For the composition of the show samples from the world famous Mascletàs are used; deafening rhythmic fireworks are an annual tradition in the Spanish city of Valencia. A Mascletà is sometimes described as "an aural spectacle of powerful firecrackers, bombs and piercing arrows shot in the air in a perfectly orchestrated way."

Date: 25 September 2014, Former 'Norfolkline' terrain, Scheveningen, The Netherlands

Fireworks, Production and Composition: Onno Dirker & Frits Pen, Dream Fireworks NL / Pirotecnia Europlá Valencia ES and Slagwerk Den Haag

Film, Montage, Color: Onno Dirker and Christian van der Kooy / Rob Gijsbers / Tim van Dijk

Supported by: Todaysart Festival, Gemeente Den Haag, Cultuur aan het Spuiplein

Group exhibition: Aggregatzustand / State of Aggregation solid, liquid, gaseous. Art as charge carrier.

October 24 till November 23 2015, Künstlerhaus Dortmund