New City Centres & Densification, ongoing for INBO

Urban densification is increasingly accepted as a necessity. The coming five to ten years the Dutch Government is investing 1.3 billion euros into making the 68.300 newly build homes in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA) more accessible.
(source: INBO)

Of this allocation, 200 million euros will go to the Bereikbare Steden (Accessible Cities) programme, which focuses on more use of public transport by regulating urban densification. The improvement of infrastructure will encourage people to use softer modes of transport, cover less distance and reduce their carbon footprint.

At the moment, ten different municipalities around Amsterdam are ready to transform their public transport hubs into contemporary and lively city centres.

In this first series of urban landscapes Van der Kooy photographed Oostkavels, the designated area of future densification in Almere. He considered the patterns of social practices, consumption and travel behaviour, and, more generally, attitudes towards the proximity of others.

In close cooperation with design office INBO.

Almere, 6.800 homes - 1.600 jobs
Lelystad, 1.400 homes - 350 jobs
Hilversum, 2.300 homes - 2.100 jobs
Alkmaar, 6.000 homes - 2.300 jobs
Hoorn, 6.000 homes - 1.100 jobs
Purmerend, 8.200 homes - 3.500 jobs
Zaanstad, 9.600 homes - 3.000 jobs
Haarlem, 10.500 homes - 7.800 jobs
Amstelveen, 2.000 homes - 2.000 jobs
Haarlemmermeer, 15.500 homes - 8.600 jobs