On Contemporary Architecture

Van der Kooy has an extensive background in architectural photography. His portfolio of contemporary architectural eccentricities delves into the details of design anomalies, drawing attention to uncommon and unfinished elements of building design. In his series of photographs he focusses on human scale, which stems from a documentary tradition; in contrast with other visual storytellers that no longer use a discovered reality as a template, but solely (re)produce reality in their images.

Barcode Architects - The Muse, Rotterdam, NL

Barcode Architects - Villa X, Brabant the Netherlands

Allegory of Villa X Brabant

Barcode Architects - Earth Simulation Laboratory, Utrecht University, NL

Studio MAKS and Junya Ishigami + associates - Park Vijversburg,
a three-pronged visitor centre in Tytsjerk, the Netherlands

Studio MAKS - Deventer House, NL
VVKH Architects, West8 Adriaan Geuze - Villa Meijendel, Wassenaar, NL

Powerhouse Company - Penthouse West399, Rotterdam, NL

︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ‘Music gives color to the air of the moment’ 00:09:39

Camera and Montage: Christian van der Kooy
Aerial Visuals: David van Waart and Rob Wetzer

Allegory of Penthouse West399 Rotterdam
(the big round window of the music room...)

Allegory of Pathé Cinema Arnhem
(the handmade moulds for the curved brick facade...)

Powerhouse Company - Maaskant’s Bunker Tower - ongoing... (TU) Eindhoven, NL 

Allegory of the Bunker Tower Eindhoven

Powerhouse Company - Villa L, Utrecht, NL

Urban Renewal - ongoing... (MVRDV | Platform Stad | KEI A5 | Platform31)

An Albanian copy (cat); in courtesy of Meyer Dudesek Architekten

Penta Architects, a modern ruin, Almere-Haven, NL